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Mark Abay - Content Director, Ashton Media

Using segmentation and customer behaviour to improve experience

Customer service wine

Learn how Qantas Loyalty uses customer segmentation and analysis of customer behaviour to create memorable experiences that their customers really want.

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Scott McMillan - General Manager - Business Consulting, Salmat

Are your customer experience metrics cutting it?


Are your chosen metrics cutting it when it comes to helping you improve customer experience? Which metrics are best? Take a look at the options here:

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Mark Abay - Content Director, Ashton Media

The future of business, media and advertising – The next 5 years

Humans marketing big data

In the next 5 years we are likely to see science-fiction-like innovations. Which economic trends will impact the future of business, and how? Find out here:

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Mark Abay - Content Director, Ashton Media

How does Qantas create customer experiences that matter?

Paul Smitton - Part 1

How does Qantas create diverse, authentic customer experiences that link back to their core travel offering? Paul Smitton of Qantas Loyalty tells all here.

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Mark Abay - Content Director, Ashton Media

Customer experience means much more than customer service

Mark Abay interviewing Tim Wade

The whole experience for the customer has moved on significantly from customer service. Tim Wade shares his insights on improving customer experience here.

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Adam Quirk - Managing Director, Traction Digital

Context is the new king

Traction digital

Getting context right to improve customer experience is now a “must have.” What does contextual marketing mean in practice? Here are a few examples:

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Miwah Van - Founder of Unvorsum: Customer Strategy Consulting

To succeed in business when it counts, go back to basics

Mirrored doors

What distinguishes winners from losers? What defines teams that succeed? To succeed in business it’s time to get back to basics.

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Aaron Fuller - Head of Digital, Hollard Financial Services

Will the real CEO please stand up, please stand up?

The Real CEO

Customers. In business, there is actually nothing else. We ignore end-to-end customer experience at our peril so what is the CEO’s role in leading CX?

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