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Razwina Raihman

Understanding the Chinese media landscape


Australian brands looking to tap the Chinese digital consumer have their work cut out for them developing an understanding of the Chinese consumer, laws and regulations around exporting goods and, most pertinently, getting a grasp of the Chinese media landscape. “China is a very developed market so the marketing and communication principles are much the […]

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Allen Qu

Searching for China’s digital consumer


Allen Qu, Founder and CEO of search firm Netconcepts China, outlines the top five mistakes Western brands make when trying to reach China’s digital consumer.

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Stephen Drummond

Understanding the Foreign-Local Brand Dynamic in China


Global marketers can no longer rely on “foreignness” adding premium values. But in some categories, health and safety concerns have seen a comeback in foreign brand relevance.

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Mark Abay - Content Director, Ashton Media

The 2017 Programmatic Summit: A Preview

Programmatic Summit

The program for the 2017 Programmatic Summit is shaping up to be a cracker with an impressive mix of local and international speakers. Here’s what you can expect at this year’s event.

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Beth Reilly - Head of Global Media and Consumer Engagement, Motorola Mobility

Why marketers need to understand programmatic

Motorla Moto Z

Brands don’t have to take programmatic in-house. They can rely on media agencies to handle the buying but it still pays to have your head around programmatic says Beth Reilly, Head of Global Media and Consumer Engagement, Motorola Mobility.

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Mark Abay - Content Director, Ashton Media

The 10 top programmatic trends of 2017


Ahead of this year’s Programmatic Summit, we spoke to the experts to find out the top trends in programmatic you can expect in the coming year.

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Mark Abay - Content Director, Ashton Media

The intersection of data and marketing


A marketing analytics platform has dramatically changed the way Energy Australia wrangles its data says Kier Draven.

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Haley Doel - Senior Marketing Specialist, Traction Digital

Delivering Real World Value With Marketing Automation & Customer Journey Mapping


As the world continues to adopt more automated and technology-assisted processes across all industries, we need to make sure we don’t lose sight of the customer and recognise that delivering customer value is the return path to delivering business value.

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Mark Abay - Content Director, Ashton Media

Driving member acquisition through MarTech

Andrew Savage

Marketing technology has revolutionised the sales approach of this health and lifestyle club chain with surprising results.

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Mark Abay - Content Director, Ashton Media

Automation in the hands of a learner driver will destroy your brand

Marketing Tech Symposium Rob Brown

Rob Brown, head of digital at global education provider Navitas, says businesses that don’t know how to truly utilise marketing automation platforms are playing a dangerous game with their brand.

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