Posts on Nov 2014

Robert Holliday - VP Enablement Service - Greater Asia, Sitecore

Do I Know You? When Personalisation Goes Wrong

When personalisation goes wrong

Personalisation is the current strategy du jour for marketers but when we get this wrong we can do more harm than good. How do you avoid the pitfalls?

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Adam Quirk - Managing Director, Traction Digital

Preparing for a merry customer experience this Christmas

How will you stand out at Christmas

Christmas is the biggest sales period of year. How do you prepare for this time of year? Here are a few ways to make it onto your customers’ nice list:

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Miwah Van - Founder of Unvorsum: Customer Strategy Consulting

Understand the customer experience by bringing data to life

Customer experience survey comic strip

Are you collecting meaningful data for your business? Is this data helping you understand the customer experience and how customers see your business?

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