Posts on Dec 2014

Jessica Woodward - Digital Marketing Manager, Nestle Purina

Key insights from the 2014 Data Strategy Symposium

Panel Data Strategy conference

For those who were unable to experience and enjoy all that the recent Data Strategy Symposium had to offer here are some key insights from Jessica Woodward.

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Robert Holliday - VP Enablement Service - Greater Asia, Sitecore

Open all hours – Is your online store ready for Boxing Day?

Online store open all hours

It’s just over a week until the Boxing Day bonanza. Get your online store ready with some tips for improving your customers’ online shopping experience:

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Scott McMillan - General Manager - Business Consulting, Salmat

The anatomy of customer satisfaction surveys: 4 questions to ask yourself first

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Do you have a customer satisfaction survey in place to gather that all-important data? If not, start by answering these four crucial questions:

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Amy Scott - Director, Sedulous

Want to build trust with your customers? Recommend a competitor

Recommend a competitor

Why on earth would you want to recommend a competitor? There are numerous reasons why you might want to do this and you can find out why here:

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Robert Holliday - VP Enablement Service - Greater Asia, Sitecore

How to create real customer personas


Personalisation is about making informed assumptions, which is where personas come into play. Here are 4 simple tips for creating customer personas:

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