Posts on Jan 2015

Dave Osborn - VP Sales, Asia-Pacific at AppNexus

High stakes, disruption, and innovation: Programmatic in Australia

Dave Osborn provides his predictions for programmatic in Australia for 2015. Meet Dave at the Programmatic Summit 2015 in Sydney on March 5th.

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Christian Bartens - CEO & Founder, Datalicious

Media attribution: Optimising digital marketing spend in financial services

Optimising digital marketing spend financial services

How do you allocate media budgets across channels to maximise overall ROAS with a limited budget? A study by Datalicious answers that question. Get it here:

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Gavin Stewart - Marketing Director, Ashton Media

Ashton Media’s Top 10 posts of 2014

The best vision is insight

Ashton Media’s new CX and Marketing hub published 48 posts from a range of influential authors in 2014. Here are the top 10 posts for the year.

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Scott Thomson - Adobe Senior Manager APAC Industry Strategy

Data driven marketing – getting started guide

Data driven marketing - sales

Get started in data driven marketing with a relatively small amount of effort and investment. Scott Thomson of Adobe shares a step by step guide.

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