Posts on May 2015

Jeremy Crooks - Managing Director, Criteo

Why the ad tech skills shortage isn’t all it’s cracked up to be

Warning brain drain

There’s a buzzword that seems to crop up whenever an industry becomes more competitive: “skills shortage”. But is ad tech’s all it’s cracked up to be?

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Christian Bartens - CEO & Founder, Datalicious

Privacy is dead. Technology killed it.

Privacy is dead. Technology killed it.

For marketers, you could argue that technology has created a paradise that was once only dreamed of. But what do consumers think?

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Steve Simpson - Director, Keystone Management Services

Unwritten Ground Rules: Key To Success Of CX Initiatives

Unwritten Ground Rules

Customer service training can be made obsolete by a culture that doesn’t support training or service. How do you ensure a culture that supports it?

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Dan Fergusson - Director of Business Development, Vision Critical

Storytelling, Customer Engagement & Loyalty

How do you best involve customers in the creation of your businesses’ story in order to drive increased brand loyalty and customer trust – and ultimately the maximum monetisation of your corporate assets?

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Robert Holliday - VP Enablement Service - Greater Asia, Sitecore

How Gen X & Y Marketers Have Adapted To Modern Marketing

How Gen X and Y Marketers Have Adapted to Fit the Modern Marketing Role

Marketing has emerged from the ashes as an almost unrecognisable job function, requiring a vast range of new skills. What does this mean for marketers?

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