Posts on Nov 2015

Lucan Creamer

Data-driven marketing: the biggest change to business in years

Events Melbourne – City of Melbourne runway

Ahead of his keynote presentation at the upcoming Data Strategy Symposium, Lucan Creamer, Executive Manager of Commercial and Marketing at Events Melbourne – City of Melbourne, explains the monumental impact data-driven marketing has had on how he does business.

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Mark Abay - Content Director, Ashton Media

You don’t need to be the size of LinkedIn to master data

Nicole Isaac

Ahead of her keynote presentation at the Data Strategy Symposium, LinkedIn’s Nicole Isaac spoke to us about big and small organisations utilising data.

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Gavin Stewart - Marketing Director, Ashton Media

Australia’s digital transformation: How far have we come in 12 months?

Kuba Tymula

Ahead of next month’s Data Strategy Symposium, Kuba Tymula, CEO of Harris Partners, looks at the progress being made with data and digital transformation Down Under.

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Sharon Melamed - Managing Director, Matchboard

Adapting to the Contact Centre of the Future

What does the future hold for the contact centre? Check out these insights from the “Adapting to the Contact Centre of the Future” roundtable.

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