Posts on May 2016

Mark Abay - Content Director, Ashton Media

Agencies trust programmatic display less than marketers

Research conducted by the AMAA finds trust may be lagging for programmatic but agencies and marketers see it delivering better ROI than TV.

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Dan Robins

Let’s take attribution out of the too hard basket

Because it seems like a daunting task, attribution has been neglected in the Australian market, says OMD’s Dan Robins.

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Kate Christiansen - author, The Thrive Cycle

How CX can thrive during change

Kate Christiansen

CX teams have the greatest opportunity to capitalise on change according to Kate Christiansen, author of The Thrive Cycle.

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Kathryn Wood - Customer Experience Program Lead, QBE Australia

Customer experience and the quest for transparency at QBE

Contact centre

Contact centres, transparency and empowerment are pivotal to delivering on customer experience promises for QBE’s Kathryn Wood.

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Adam Quirk - Managing Director, Traction Digital

Delivering a streamlined digital strategy to amplify promotions

beer bubbles

Traction Digital’s Adam Quirk looks to the example of a beer promotion with a streamlined digital strategy that worked to overcome customer experience hurdles.

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