Posts on Jun 2016

Lynn Chealander – VP, Vivaki

Avoiding programmatic stress disorder


Programmatic advertising seems to be getting the blame for much of the digital industry’s ills. Publicis Media’s Lynn Chealander says the technology is the answer, not part of the problem.

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Mark Abay - Content Director, Ashton Media

Ad blockers will make better marketers

Will ad blockers kill the online advertising model or are they simply the disruption programmatic needs to take it to the next level?

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Pascal Winkler – Strategist, Head of Connect at The Hallway

Creative in the age of programmatic

Don’t get so caught up in the magic of programmatic technology that you forget about the creative, says The Hallway’s Pascal Winkler. It’s the last great differentiator in the programmatic age.

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Timothy R. Whitfield – Director, Technical Operations, GroupM

The programmatic debate we had to have


In a climate proliferated by “vapourware” and incoherence, the conversation around programmatic needs to be disrupted says GroupM’s Timothy R. Whitfield.

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