Mark Abay

Mark is Managing Director at Ashton Media. It’s his job to identify and launch interesting and engaging conferences that stretch the thinking of all our attendees. Mark works closely with our industry advisors to ensure the conference content and positioning is aligned with the needs and interests of our audiences. With over 20 year’s experience in tech, marketing, advertising and ecommerce markets, Mark has a wide network of trusted industry contacts and a deep understanding of the markets we serve.

Prior to establishing Ashton Media with Gav and Tim, Mark was responsible for launching and running the ad:tech and iMedia businesses in Australia and subsequently oversaw the UK and Middle East regions.

Mark loves skiing and golf but refuses to accept that he’s slowly becoming worse at both with age. Although he holds both a British and Australian passport, he is in no doubt over which county is the better sporting nation.

However Mark’s favourite activity is spending time with his amazing wife and beautiful daughters.

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