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As VP Enablement Service - Greater Asia at Sitecore, Robert is charged with driving strategy in collaboration with the local senior management teams responsible for Sales, Marketing, Customers and Alliances. Robert works closely with corporate and regional offices to implement and localise the global strategy to grow the business and ensure customer success with Sitecore's leading customer engagement platform.

Creating a You-seful Customer Experience: 7 Digital Survival Tips from Jay Baer

Jae Baer

7 questions for Jae Baer, NY Times bestselling author and the world’s #2 most retweeted person by B2B Marketers

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How Gen X & Y Marketers Have Adapted To Modern Marketing

How Gen X and Y Marketers Have Adapted to Fit the Modern Marketing Role

Marketing has emerged from the ashes as an almost unrecognisable job function, requiring a vast range of new skills. What does this mean for marketers?

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Highlights from the Digital Survivor Series: Gavin Heaton on ‘The New Consumerverse’

How can marketers influence the customer experience ahead of the buying curve? Gavin Heaton, Digital Survivor webinar presenter explains here:

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B2B vs B2C – Are consumer marketers smarter spenders?

Are B2B marketers getting a raw deal, or is there an inherent difference in the mindset between B2B and B2C marketers? Our survey results may surprise you.

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Open all hours – Is your online store ready for Boxing Day?

Online store open all hours

It’s just over a week until the Boxing Day bonanza. Get your online store ready with some tips for improving your customers’ online shopping experience:

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How to create real customer personas


Personalisation is about making informed assumptions, which is where personas come into play. Here are 4 simple tips for creating customer personas:

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Do I Know You? When Personalisation Goes Wrong

When personalisation goes wrong

Personalisation is the current strategy du jour for marketers but when we get this wrong we can do more harm than good. How do you avoid the pitfalls?

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The secret of great customer experience? Being human

When it comes to providing a great customer experience, why is an H2H approach so important? Futurologist, Dietmar Dahmen shares his insights on this topic.

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What Khaleesi can teach you about customer experience

Khaleesi (GoT) shows us how a business that builds a strong relationship and creates a good customer experience can ensure its future stability.

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