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Scott McMillan is Salmat\'s General Manager of Business Consulting. He has a passion for driving exceptional customer experiences through multi-channel environments. He believes that finding the right equilibrium between people, process & technology can create real world opportunities for all organisations. A strong proponent of finding the right ‘mix\' is ensuring you evangelise the ‘outside in thinking\' principles.

The anatomy of customer satisfaction surveys: 4 questions to ask yourself first

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Do you have a customer satisfaction survey in place to gather that all-important data? If not, start by answering these four crucial questions:

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Are your customer experience metrics cutting it?

Are your chosen metrics cutting it when it comes to helping you improve customer experience? Which metrics are best? Take a look at the options here:

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How to fight the case for low customer effort

If you are easy to do business with, customers will keep coming back. So what big thing is standing in the way of your strategy for low customer effort?

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Do your customers really want to be delighted?

Are you investing in creating effortless experiences? To win customer loyalty, you may need to forget the bells and whistles and just solve their problems.

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