How marketing technology is helping a 150-year-old brand to tell its story

Jack Daniels Marketing Technology

Technology, along with a helping hand from agency partners, is helping Brown-Forman and its Jack Daniel’s team to retain a strong consumer focus, says Jason Loehr, VP, Dir. of Global Media and Insights at Brown-Forman.

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Millennials V Gen X: Bridging the agency generation divide


With Baby Boomers on the fast track to retirement and Gen X a smaller subset of the population than the generations before and after them, Gen X and millennials will soon be required to work together as equals.

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The shifting competitive set

Management consultancies

Agencies are facing competition from every direction as the competitive set shifts but are they about to be put out of business by management consultancies and professional services firms?

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How do we achieve diversity in adland?

Diversity - an agency issue

We know there’s a problem with diversity in adland – one that extends beyond gender equality. So what can we do to effect change?

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The on-going evolution of the agency business model

Agency business model

Is the business model of today’s agencies broken, cracked or simply going through the next phase in a constant evolution?

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Today’s agencies go under the microscope at the Agency Leaders Symposium

Agencies under the microscope

We give you a preview of the inspiring and well thought-out program for the 2016 Agency Leaders Symposium.

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