The anatomy of customer satisfaction surveys: 4 questions to ask yourself first

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Do you have a customer satisfaction survey in place to gather that all-important data? If not, start by answering these four crucial questions:

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Understand the customer experience by bringing data to life

Customer experience survey comic strip

Are you collecting meaningful data for your business? Is this data helping you understand the customer experience and how customers see your business?

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Your data – Threading relevant and active customer conversations

Richard McLaren-Tipstone CEO

Data Strategy Symposium 2014 keynote speaker Richard McLaren answers 3 questions about key data challenges and how to overcome them.

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Social Media Data is sexy again: From disillusionment to productivity

Mia Dand

4 questions for Data Strategy Symposium 2014 keynote speaker Mia Dand about successfully leveraging social media data for competitive advantage.

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Driving business improvement and avoiding the pitfalls of data analytics

Shawna Thayer

3 questions about using data to make good business decisions and common data challenges for Data Strategy Symposium 2014 keynote speaker Dr Shawna Thayer.

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The Future: Customer Analytics, Business and the Executive Function

Dr Eugene Dubossarsky - Presciient

3 questions on the future of customer analytics and data for Data Strategy Symposium 2014 keynote speaker Dr Eugene Dubossarsky. Read his responses here:

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Fighting for the future: dispatches from The Agency Symposium

Do you want to fight the future or fight for it? There has never been a more necessary time for marketers to build their own bridges to what is to come.

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PHDcast – 9 key take-outs for the media industry to think about

Delegates from PHD Australia discuss the key take-outs from the second Annual Agency Symposium 2014 that can be developed in organisations right now.

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PHDcast – The future and the current state of the media industry

PHDmedia logo

Delegates from PHD Australia discuss the points of view and debates from the second annual Agency Symposium 2014. Find out what they have to say here:

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Data, Engagement and Customer Experience Management

Providing a level of customer experience that ensures your customers ‘feel’ the difference between your business and competitors is crucial to success.

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