Storytelling, Customer Engagement & Loyalty

How do you best involve customers in the creation of your businesses’ story in order to drive increased brand loyalty and customer trust – and ultimately the maximum monetisation of your corporate assets?

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What can I look forward to at the Customer 360 Symposium 2015 #CS360?

Harriet Wakelam, Head of Customer Experience at Medibank, shares the things she is looking forward to at the Customer 360 Symposium 2015.

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Agenda for the Customer 360 Symposium 2015 #CS360

Discover how to reach, engage and delight your most profitable customers at the Customer 360 Symposium 2015, Hunter Valley, Sydney. See the agenda here:

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Highlights from the Digital Survivor Series: Gavin Heaton on ‘The New Consumerverse’

How can marketers influence the customer experience ahead of the buying curve? Gavin Heaton, Digital Survivor webinar presenter explains here:

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Intelligent Experiences: where CX meets Tech

How can the principles of Intelligent Experience help you develop better, higher-delight customer experiences that are more profitable at the same time?

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B2B vs B2C – Are consumer marketers smarter spenders?

Are B2B marketers getting a raw deal, or is there an inherent difference in the mindset between B2B and B2C marketers? Our survey results may surprise you.

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4 things to make data-driven customer engagement actually happen

Kuba Tymula, keynote speaker at the Data Strategy Symposium 2014 reveals the 4 layers you need to tackle to make data-driven customer engagement happen.

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Ashton Media’s Top 10 posts of 2014

The best vision is insight

Ashton Media’s new CX and Marketing hub published 48 posts from a range of influential authors in 2014. Here are the top 10 posts for the year.

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How to create real customer personas


Personalisation is about making informed assumptions, which is where personas come into play. Here are 4 simple tips for creating customer personas:

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How to deepen ongoing engagement with your customers

Wine barrels

Learn how Qantas Loyalty has been able to grow customer engagement and sales by using related customer interests that link back to the core offering.

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