Context is the new king

Traction digital

Getting context right to improve customer experience is now a “must have.” What does contextual marketing mean in practice? Here are a few examples:

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How to build a culture of magical customer experience moments

How do you build a culture that can respond well to the marketplace, touch people, move them and create loyalty and magical customer experience moments?

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The cultural elements of control, relationship and development

Every culture operates on the 3 cultural elements of control, relationship and development. Your organisation’s future depends on the right mix of these.

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How to fight the case for low customer effort

If you are easy to do business with, customers will keep coming back. So what big thing is standing in the way of your strategy for low customer effort?

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How anthropology gives meaning to organisational culture

Corporate Anthropologist Michael Henderson shares insights into the nature of organisational culture and how to use this to improve customer engagement.

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Engage your organisation to ‘think outside the box’

It’s time to start thinking outside the box. How do you engage your organisation across the board to get better innovation and creativity?

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Do your customers really want to be delighted?

Are you investing in creating effortless experiences? To win customer loyalty, you may need to forget the bells and whistles and just solve their problems.

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How technology is changing the way brand experiences are delivered


Today and in the future, shopping will look very different. Consumer behaviour is changing so the way we deliver our brand experiences will need to change.

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Leadership and Customer Experience Management

Genuinely effective customer experience management requires a top-down strategy based on broad and extensive cultural change. How does this work?

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An interview with Stan Phelps at the Customer 360 Symposium 2014

In this interview from Customer 360 Symposium, Stan Phelps of 9 INCH Marketing shares insights into the customer experience from a psychology perspective.

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