Organisational culture

Customer experience: the new programmatic

The Customer

With the hype building, CX is set to push programmatic off its buzzword perch. Is this simply industry trend spotting or something more serious?

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Customer Experience & Culture Series Part Three: Strangers in the Wild, Wild West

It’s easy to change workplace culture, to make your culture different. While the easy path will certainly take you to a different place, it might not be the intended destination.

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Customer Experience & Culture Series Part One: Changing behaviour and getting results in your organisation

For the month of June we’ll focusing on Customer Experience and Culture and it’s impact on your organisational bottom line. Read part one.

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Why the ad tech skills shortage isn’t all it’s cracked up to be

Warning brain drain

There’s a buzzword that seems to crop up whenever an industry becomes more competitive: “skills shortage”. But is ad tech’s all it’s cracked up to be?

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Unwritten Ground Rules: Key To Success Of CX Initiatives

Unwritten Ground Rules

Customer service training can be made obsolete by a culture that doesn’t support training or service. How do you ensure a culture that supports it?

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To succeed in business when it counts, go back to basics

Mirrored doors

What distinguishes winners from losers? What defines teams that succeed? To succeed in business it’s time to get back to basics.

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What customers really want from organisations today

Customers are looking for more than just efficiency from organisations today. So what are they looking for? Michael Henderson shares his insights here:

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What is the connection between organisation culture and strategy?

Aligning organisation culture with strategy positively impacts the customer experience. Find out why this alignment is crucial to your success here.

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How organisation culture affects team dynamics

Is there a connection between organisation culture and team dynamics? Corporate anthropologist Michael Henderson says yes and shares his insights here:

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How anthropology gives meaning to organisational culture

Corporate Anthropologist Michael Henderson shares insights into the nature of organisational culture and how to use this to improve customer engagement.

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