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The future of business, media and advertising – The next 5 years

Humans marketing big data

The Agency Symposium 2014 run by Ashton Media was held in the Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia on the 17-18 September. The audience represented the most influential minds in the industry and provided senior agency executives with an engaging and inspiring environment to discuss the most pressing matters facing the media and advertising industry.

The future of business

Humans marketing big data

This post shows some key slides from the presentation given by keynote speaker Gerd Leonhard, CEO of The Futures Agency,  where he addressed questions such as: Which jobs will still be handled by humans rather than ultra-smart software? What is the future of agencies? How will stories be told in the future, and who will tell them?

Gerd is a Keynote Speaker, Presenter, Futurist and Advisor on what he likes to call ‘Human Futures’, Media, Content, Publishing & Entertainment, Telecommunications & ICT, Marketing, Branding, Advertising & Communications, Culture & the Creative Industries, Energy, Environment and Sustainability. Gred is also an Author and Writer, the creator and host of The Future Show, and Visiting Professor at the Fundacao Dom Cabral in Sao Paulo.

The impacts of future technology

If media increasingly goes over-the-top and becomes even more fragmented, how will brands reach consumers in the future? How can marketers cut through the increasing noise in digital media? Which economic trends will impact the marketing business, and how?

The exponential progress in technology is already impacting just about every segment of our society, culture and industry, and in the next 5 years we are likely to see almost science-fiction-like innovations become a common occurrence: big data-fuelled business intelligence, artificial intelligence in software and machines, repetitive human jobs replaced by automation, total trackability of most marketing and advertising activities, social networks as the broadcasters and the convergence of TV and the Internet, the continued shift to ‘brands with a purpose’, screens replacing almost all printed products, automated real-time language translation and much more.

Key presentation slides

Awesome Humanity Amazing Technology

The future of Agencies

Big Internet

Media and marketing surveillance

Engines for the brain

Imaging what Artificial Intelligence can do to Advertising

Convergence means the end of silos

How does a person go broke

The valley of death technology business

Technology is actually becoming intelligent

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