Amy Li

Amy Li was an entrepreneur from a young age, after finishing secondary school in China she launched her own shipping and export business. Her early success enabled her to follow her dream of immigrating to Australia.

After studying in Australia, and then working as an accountant in the travel and lifestyle industries, Amy decided it was time to utilize her connections and excellent knowledge of China and launch a business. She created Aimelli Fashion jewelry in 2009, and as this grew, she saw an opportunity in women’s clothing. She merged with Australian designer Katie Pratt in 2011 to create the sought-after women’s clothing brand Elliatt.

Amy brought her expertise in the supply chain, and production connections to source amazing fabrics and quality detailing that have made Elliatt the unique and beautiful brand it is today.

In 2015 Elliatt moved from not only manufacturing in China but also selling their collections to Chinese consumers. Amy now oversees the brands incredible growth in China. China is now the brands fastest growing market.

Elliatt now boasts more than 500 independent boutiques stockists, major online E-commerce partnerships, lucrative distribution contracts and a flagship boutique in the luxury ‘Citic Square Mall’ Shanghai.

Amy strategically set up dedicated marketing, production, and operations offices across China’s major cities to support the brands’ growth. Elliatt’s China marketing team creates unique campaigns that focus on selling the ‘Australian luxury lifestyle.’ This strategy has seen Elliatt become a sought-after international brand for Chinese consumers.