Aunty Margret Campbell

Margret Campbell is Principal, Founder and Managing Director of the company and is 100% Aboriginal Family owned. The company has supplied Dreamtime Culture Experiences of welcome to country, walking and coach tours and cultural awareness training and consultancy across diverse industry sectors of Tourism- Education-Heritage-Environment services tailored for clients implementing- cultural tourism export readiness and domestic -global education and corporate Australian RAP programs via Aboriginal Cultural Awareness Training. The Company’s industry compliances and recognition of excellence in provision of Aboriginal Cultural Awareness, education and tourism services include:

2003 – awarded full Certification in the Supply Nation and Indigenous Chamber of Commerce Business sector. In addition, is a certified Discover Aboriginal Experience (DAE) 2021, a follow on from the Indigenous Tourism Champion (ITCP) awarded by Tourism Australia 2013. Dreamtime Southern X was the sole Indigenous Operator to be awarded this status in NSW 2014-2021. Margret holds the distinction of voted 1st Chair of NSW Aboriginal Tourism Council (NATOC), nominated by Destination NSW and local Aboriginal Tourism Operators. Within NATOC, Margret is a respected Aboriginal Woman with Eldership recognising her Cultural knowledge-practice and expertise.

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Aunty Margret

Aunty Margret