Emad Tahtouh, Agency Leaders Symposium

Emad Tahtouh

As Director of Applied Technology at FINCH, Emad develops and curates technology solutions in both practical and creative capacities. The most renowned projects Emad has overseen during his time at FINCH to date are The Most Powerful Arm and 37 Degrees. The Most Powerful Arm utilised a petition-signing robot with the aim of raising awareness of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and was the first piece of Innovation to win a coveted D&AD Black Pencil (as well as, Digital Gold at 2013 Spikes Asia and Gold at the 2013 IAB MIXX Awards).

During his time at FINCH, Emad has judged at Cannes, LIA, Spikes and AWARD and has presented at Cannes, Spikes, SXSW, LIA, Semi Permanent, CommsCon and SAWA. This success is all fuelled by Emad’s passion for the development and creation of great innovation. His team at FINCH have worked on various technology driven projects including, bringing a robot orchestra to life for Intel’s Intelligent Sounds campaign with award-winning recording artist, Flume. On top of this, Emad has done great work for road safety campaigns including a project for the RAC, which saw him build an attention-powered car that slows when you’re not paying attention.

Emad’s team has also recently developed a training and education VR experience for the Australian Defence Force. A fully interactive and immersive experience, built in-house entirely from scratch along with 9 custom designed portable VIVE kits, which will travel Australia as a recruitment tool for the Defence Force.

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