Jim Bass

Director, Client Experience


Jim Bass is a Customer Engagement Strategist in Alpharetta, GA with over 15 years’ experience designing customer experience at key moments of truth and critical touchpoints along the customer journey map. The bulk of his experience comes from 14 years at McKesson Corporation where he led customer support and advocacy, and 5 years at ADP where he currently manages survey operations and insight analysis for National Accounts. During his tenure at both companies, he envisioned, implemented and led many proactive programs, projects and initiatives designed to increase customer satisfaction, engagement and loyalty while containing/reducing costs and minimizing churn.  His CX perspective is that improving Customer Experience does not always have to be a daunting or expensive venture. Businesses can improve revenues and profitability by making a few simple changes in behavior, communication, listening and taking action.  Follow him on social media and on his website at www.DesigningTheDifference.com

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