Laurence Fonsdituri

Head of Customer Care

Coles Group

Laurence is a seasoned leader in customer experience, currently steering innovative customer strategies at Coles. With a rich background that includes significant roles such as the Head of Direct Advice for the National Australia Bank and leading customer engagement for new ventures in the Coles Group, Laurence has consistently demonstrated a commitment to enhancing customer experience across various sectors.

With over two decades of leadership experience, Laurence blends a strategic mindset with a hands-on approach to foster cultures of collaboration and high performance. His efforts have not only advanced organisational goals but have also led to significant improvements in customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. Laurence places high importance on business integrity, and in the first year of implementing a phone-based advice model at NAB, he improved compliance performance by 35%, whilst significantly exceeding target customer satisfaction scores.

In his current role, Laurence is responsible for designing customer service strategies that integrate AI technology and human-centred design, achieving remarkable customer engagement scores for new market entries. His approach is deeply rooted in understanding customer feedback and leveraging data to drive decisions, ensuring that service innovation aligns with customer needs and business objectives.

Laurence is also an engaging public speaker and advocate for transformative leadership in customer service. He enjoys sharing insights and learning from peers at industry events, contributing to a collective understanding and advancement of customer service excellence. Outside of work, Laurence devotes his time family, with his wife Kirsty and their 4 children. He is also the Vice President of the Hills Pumas Football Club, where he serves the local youth in their pursuit for fun, community, and sporting excellence.

As Laurence joins the Australia Contact Centre Symposium, he is eager to engage with fellow professionals and explore new pathways to elevate customer engagement across the industry.

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