Naphtali Bryant

Director, Learning & Organization Development

Netflix (US)

Naphtali is a leading voice in learning engagement and learning culture with a career in learning and development and human resources that spans 17+ years with global industry experience in High Tech, Entertainment, and Transportation. He is an innovative leader with exceptional talent and expertise in team building, coaching, motivational speaking, leadership development, public speaking, training and facilitation.

Naphtali helps people realize their potential by fostering ideas, engaging participants’ hearts, and minds and providing tools and strategies to equip business leaders and teams to be fully engaged and empowered in everything they do.

Naphtali has a background of discipline, dedication, and commitment from his honorable years of military service in the United States Marine Corps. His energy and passion for motivating, inspiring, and developing people are undeniable and he tenaciously uses that energy, passion, and desire to bring the best out in others. He believes with focus, fire, and faith all things are possible. 

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Napthali Bryant
Napthali Bryant