Priya Patel

Managing Director

DDB Sydney

As Managing Director of DDB Sydney, Priya Patel leads one of Australia’s biggest creative agencies.

In addition to setting the overall vision and ambitions of the business, Priya is responsible for creating and maintaining the culture amongst the 250+ staff. Priya loves working directly on client business, leveraging the power of creativity to achieve strong commercial outcomes. Her clients include some of Australia’s biggest brands such as McDonalds, Volkswagen Group, Westpac, J&J and Coles.

Since being appointed in 2018, DDB Sydney has gone from strength to strength including being named Campaign Brief Agency of the Year for the first time in a decade; and consistently being the #1 creative agency in Sydney for both new business wins and creative awards.

Formerly Managing Director of RKCR/ Y&R in London, where she worked across many top brands including Marks and Spencer, Virgin Media and the BBC; Priya thrives in fast paced environments and excels in managing complex businesses.

A true Brit abroad, Priya lives near the beach in Sydney with her husband and 5-year-old son.

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Priya Patel
Priya Patel