Rick Von Feldt

Rick Von Feldt

Rick Von Feldt is a workplace futurist and business coach.

He has experience in helping organizations realize the dramatic changes happening between today and the year 2020. He is passionate about the changes happening in the next seven years, as the intersection of four shifts (technology, global, social and generational) creates the most dramatic change in company culture seen since 1910. He helped in research for the recent Business Week best seller book, “The 2020 Workplace” (HarperCollins) authored by Dr. Karie Willyerd and Jeanne Meister. Rick has taught social learning boot camps at IESE University in New York City, and is often asked to teach Fortune 50 leadership courses on modern of leading in the 2020 Workplace.

As a business coach, he has worked internationally with rising star business leaders who are doing more, better, faster. This includes leaders ranging in location from Silicon Valley too far away emerging markets including China, Columbia and India.

Rick is a former head of Learning and Development for Atlassian Software, recognized by Dan Pink as a best practice in culture and workplaces. Atlassian is rated for 2015 as one of the top 10 place to work in the US and number 1 in Australia. Rick is a former VP of Learning and Organization Development at Hewlett-Packard. He and his team of 250 were responsible for the capability of 9 business units and 190,000 people for HP around the world. He also held leadership roles at Dell, and was a senior facilitator in the Gillette global leadership development program. Rick lived and worked in Asia for seven years while working for Dell and HP.

For the last three years, Rick has been a coach and lecturer in the Mastery of Communication program at the Stanford Graduate Program. He helps MBA and Sloan MBA students prepare for entrepreneurial careers by focusing on specific communication skills involved in VC pitches and leadership roles. He is a coach in the Stanford Center for Entrepreneurial Studies course STRAMGT 366 “Creating a Startup” where MBA students prepare team based pitches and ultimately present to a panel of entrepreneurs, VC’s, angel investors and faculty. Rick uses his experience from working in corporate America combined with his own start up and entrepreneurial experiences to help coach the future leaders at the school.

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