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Over the last 25 years, Simon has led businesses at global organisations such as WPP, Carat and Dentsu. Simon’s growth charter for clients also meant strong M&A and organic drive meaning significant capability transformation, continuously pushing to be at the forefront of the media and communications industry.

With a proven track record navigating challenging market conditions, Simon’s ability to evolve the product offering to meet changing market needs, establish and foster C-Suite relationships while delivering outstanding commercial results is second to none. Simon has a passion for championing organisational culture and is a progressive leader who understands the elements needed to build successful, sustainable businesses. That experience is something he is passionate about sharing.

In 2020, Simon founded RyanCap, a digital-first advertising and marketing communications company, and purpose-built for the new economy, with brands, Ryvalmedia and Foxcatcher. RyanCap is bringing a new focus and approach to Australia’s landscape. Instantly making waves, Simon is proving once again his ability to drive transformation and change.

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