Stacey Edmonds

Former Group Head of Leadership


Stacey is a Global People, Digital and Talent Technology Leader with a broad experience base that includes big four and boutique consulting, academia and senior management roles across diverse industries and cultures.

Her background in Psychology, Sociology, Education, IT, HR Tech and Digital Production means she can lead and drive collaboration and innovation across multi-disciplinary teams, adding measurable value when enabling the ‘joining of the dots’ in the future of work, talent, skills and capability in a digital world.

Stacey is internationally recognised for her employee engagement and digital reality experiences, A multi-award winning filmmaker, Stacey is a go-to person for film and digital judging for the New York Film Festivals and the International Stevies Business Awards.

Originally from the UK Stacey began her career in youth work and teaching and alongside her focus on building an engaged future ready workforce, continues on her mission to democratise learning, enabling all people, regardless of their socio-economic background, equal opportunity to reach their life goals.

A keen lifelong learner Stacey dives deep into different learning experiences, recently in Masterclass, learning acting with Helen Mirren, non-fiction writing with Malcolm Gladwell and stand-up comedy with Judd Apatow.  

Stacey spends quality time in digital reality with her boys including Virtual Reality Star Wars games, Dance on the PS4 and catching augmented reality Pokémon’s on the streets of the North Shore.

She has a family of water babies; all year-round fun time is spent in and on the water.

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