At LogMeIn our mission is to simplify how people connect to each other and the world around them. Our cloud-based solutions make it possible for millions of people and hundreds of thousands of companies to connect and engage with their workplace, colleagues, customers and products anywhere, anytime.

BoldChat is our multi-channel customer engagement tool that consolidates live chat, email, Twitter and SMS into one product. It helps companies engage with their customers in the right way, at the right time to build loyalty, boost sales and improve operational efficiencies. Visit to learn more

Gavin Stewart - Marketing Director, Ashton Media About Gavin Stewart - Marketing Director, Ashton Media
Gavin Stewart is the Marketing Director and co-founder of Ashton Media, leaders in the creation, production and marketing of highly targeted, invitation-only, executive conferences. Gavin is an expert B2B marketer with over 13 years experience delivering event audiences. Specialties include: audience development, marketing strategy, email marketing, DM, SEO, SEM, analytics, social media, creative and sales.