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Achieving Omni-Channel Experience

The idea of ‘omnichannel’ has been floating around for a while and organisations are realising this is one of the most complex challenges they are facing. We’ve seen significant shifts in online and offline behaviour over the past few years and organisations are struggling to keep up with these shifting expectations. Every business is being forced to think of their omnichannel strategy and truly define what being omnichannel means to them.

The session will be facilitated around the following key conversation points; 

  • What does it truly mean to be omnichannel in your organisation? What is your business trying to achieve by being ‘omnichannel’? How are different parts of the business viewing or defining this?  
  • Which parts of the business are being engaged in this initiative? Is this simply a technology play, sales & marketing strategy and how does this fit into the overall customer experience strategy? 
  • What internal roadblocks and cultural barriers are being faced by you in this journey? How are senior executives aligned with such initiatives and how are they supporting it 
  • What external factors are forcing the urgency of this initiative? Are behavioural shifts in consumers driving this more than competitive pressures? 
  • How much of this is being driven by the Voice of the Customer and Consumer/Customer Insights?