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Aligning Customer Experience Metrics to the Right Outcomes

When we think about the traditional way of measuring customer experience success, our first go-to are usually outcomes of the financial nature. And this is perhaps now considered to be a ‘traditional’ view on aligning customer experience, using financial outcomes as a measure of success. In an ever-changing world of customer experience, we have most recently witnessed some additional examples of how having the right outcomes, in particular, the right customer outcomes can help the business become more sustainable. 

The session will be facilitated around the following key conversation points; 

  • How are you currently aligning customer experience? 
  • Is the organisation “bought-in” on that? 
  • What are the “right” outcomes to measure the success? 
  • In the recent royal commission hearings there has been a heavy focus on driving ‘customer outcomes”, this means a step change from financial outcomes to prioritising the customer, how does this fit within your current state? 
  • What would this mean for your organisation? 
  • How would your business need to re-align on this?