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Business Case Insight, Strategy & Success for Investment in CX/UX

Does your organisation truly understand the value of satisfied customers? What would the financial consequences be to your company if the customer experience decreased?  What if it increased? How does customer experience impact your companies costs and revenues? Understanding the business case, identifying opportunities and creating successful strategies for investment in Customer Experience/UX is key to understanding the value of customer experience changing within your organization.  

The session will be facilitated around the following key conversation points; 

  • What is your current method to determine how much to spend on Customer Experience?  
  • Does your organization place a financial value on satisfied customers?  
  • Who are the people (roles/seniority) that you need to convince to invest in Customer Experience/User Experience?  What are their KPIs and how can you map CX/UX to those?  How can you increase revenue or decrease cost?  
  • Do you have a way of measuring the value to you of providing a good user experience? How do you use analytics to support your business case?   
  • What’s the best way to benchmark your current user experience and how can it assist the business case?  Would comparing your competitors experiences assist your business case?   
  • What are your opportunities to identify UX Goals and measure them through qualitative (e.g. usability testing) and quantitative methods (e.g. surveys and analytics)?  
  • Identifying your “customers”: How does creating the business case change if the audience changes; Internal projects vs B2B vs Consumer Facing?  
  • Are there different approaches to getting a business case for public-facing information vs self-service functionality?  
  • How does the business case change for a project to enhance the user interface compared to re-engineering the experience (and business processes) around a customer-centric approach?  
  • Should some companies forget about CXP and just focus on price, product, place, and promotion?  
  • What’s the business case for using an external UX agency vs building an internal user experience team/capability?  What’s the tipping point?  
  • How can you showcase the impact of the customer experience across channels to improve the business case?  

The future

  • How do you see the importance/value of customer experience changing within your organisation?  
  • What business processes/workflows need to change to allow the opportunity for better customer experiences?  
  • What information/tools/skills do you need to create a better business case?   How can you access this information/tools/skills?