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From Customer Centric to Customer Obsession

When thinking about accelerating Customer Experience in our organisations we often look to our Culture.  Employee experience is the new black in the world of CX but what does this really mean for us as practitioners. If you are serious about creating Customer obsessed employees how do you make this happen?  What about the blurry lines of accountability between HR/CX?  How do you nurture a culture that puts Customer first, whilst balancing risk and performance outcomes? 

The session will be facilitated around the following key conversation points; 

  • On a scale of ‘customer centric’ to ‘customer obsessed’ where are you today? 
  • Many of us are undertaking digital transformations, how are you factoring employee experiences through this transformation?
  • Given a customer obsessed culture is primarily driven by levers that sit with HR (recruitment, rewarding, development etc) how do you manage the blurry lines of accountability?
  • If you were going to give advice to someone who is about to start their journey to accelerate CX through their employees – what would be your number one priority?
  • As the pendulum is swung towards Customer Experience in your organization, it can be a challenge to find a balance of risk and performance outcomes.  What are you doing to help balance this?
  • There are 3E’s (engagement, enablement and experience) in the CX secret sauce. How are you enabling employees to be obsessed about their customers?