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Moving the Needle on Employee Experience to Drive Customer Experience

Investing in your Employee Experience is as equally important as investment in your Customer Experience. It is essential that businesses create conditions which are conducive to enhancing the employee experience. Regardless of the scale, products or services that an organisation offers, there is a direct link between employee experience and the bottom line. Organisations that deliver on customer experience strategy, lead in the management of their employee experience.   

The session will be facilitated around the following key conversation points; 

  • What are the key pillars of your Employee Experience strategy? How did you develop this and what structures are in place to sustain the journey?
  • In your organisation, which key stakeholders are pivotal in ensuring success of your Strategy? How do you secure investment? What obstacles have you experiences and how did you overcome these?
  • What hygiene factors are essential in managing the Employee Experience? How do we ensure we are getting the basics right?
  • What are the key touchpoints or milestones in the Employee Experience Roadmap? Are you as equally intentional about Employee Experience as Customer Experience?
  • What is the one improvement you could make to your Employee Experience that will have the greatest impact? Where are you on this journey?
  • How do you tangibly measure and link Employee Experience to your Customer Experience Metrics? How do you demonstrate a return on investment?