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The day’s agenda is a series of independently moderated peer-to-peer roundtable discussions with networking breaks and keynotes between each discussion.


Delegates select* three Round Table topics most relevant to their current challenges and areas of interest. Each roundtable is moderated by an experienced practitioner who will pose questions to the table, giving delegates an opportunity to share experiences, discuss issues, learn about other’s pitfalls and success stories, understand the latest technologies and benchmark strategies with peers.

* Subject to availability. Popular topics will fill up quickly.

Roundtable topics include:

1. Achieving Omni-Channel Experience – (SPONSORED)
2. Business Case Insight, Strategy & Success for Investment into CX/UX/EX
3. Moving the Needle on Employee Experience to Drive Customer Experience
4. From Customer Centric to Customer Obsession
5. Aligning Customer Experience Metrics to Financial Outcomes – (SPONSORED)
6. Driving Transformation and Improvement from NPS
7. Customer Data, Insight & Analytics – Mapping the Future of CX & Digital Transformation (SPONSORED)
8. The Application of Emerging Technologies to Improve CX and Deliver Business Outcomes – (SPONSORED)
9. The Cornerstone of CX: Establishing Customer Trust

Thursday, 17 October 2019


Welcome & Opening Remarks



Jay Sellick
Personalising Customer Experiences at Scale

Jay Sellick, Chief Customer Officer, Sportsbet


Sportsbet is Australia’s number 1 online wagering organisation. Hear from Jay Sellick, Chief Customer Officer, as he shares the strategy and initiatives that is putting Sportsbet at the forefront of the digital customer experience.


First Interactive Roundtable Discussion Group



Coffee & Networking Break



Kellie Hackney
The New Age of Customer Relationships

Kellie Hackney, Leader Northern Region, Zendesk


A customer’s time with your brand or your products is a relationship. In this keynote, Kellie Hackney discusses the future of customer experience and how to build customer trust, loyalty, and evangelism in this new era of customer relationships.


Second Interactive Roundtable Discussion Group



Lunch & Networking



Claire Chow
Customer Experience in the Built Environment

Claire Chow, Customer Strategy and Experience Design Director, Transport for NSW

Transport for NSW logo

The customer experience in the physical environment is an incredibly important part of the CX strategies of those brands and businesses that have a physical presence, whether that be a retailer, a bank, or a public sector organisation. This session will explore how Transport for NSW plan, design and implement their physical spaces, from using big data sets and different research methodologies to inform customer-centric requirements for station and precinct developments, to using prototyping and testing to understand how changes to the design will better meet customer needs.


Third Interactive Roundtable Discussion Group



Niki B
Keynote: How to Get Your Business to Care About the Customer

Niki Buschkuehl, Head of Insights Planning and Delivery, Coles


Most businesses now have an extraordinary amount of data about their customers and how they interact with us. But are we really utilising that information in a way that’s meaningful? In this Keynote, Niki Buschkuehl, Head of Insights Planning and Delivery at Coles, will shed some light on how we can get the business behind the use of the customer data; how we can create meaningful insights from that data; and what we can do with that information to drive outcomes for both the customer and the business.


Moderators’ Key Insights Summary

Hear the summary of the days key insights from each topic.



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