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An Interview with Kathryn Wood, Customer Experience Program Lead at QBE Australia

QBE Insurance Group is Australia’s largest global insurer, with over 17,000 employees in 38 countries worldwide they provide insurance to personal customers, businesses, brokers and partners. They selected Interactive Intelligence as their customer engagement platform in Australia and other countries globally to deliver the best customer experience possible.

We interview Kathryn Wood, Customer Experience Program Lead for QBE Australia on what they are doing to address changing customer behaviours, current and future expected challenges, how they leverage the Interactive Intelligence platform to deliver an omnichannel & omnipresent experience, as well as their current and future cx priorities and how they plan to achieve them. Kathryn will provide insight into her experiences, journey and takeaways as an industry veteran.

Michelle Marlan, Director, Client Services, JANZ, Interactive Intelligence
Kathryn Wood, Customer Experience Program Lead, QBE Australia