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Stanford Swinton
International Keynote: Building a World Class Care Organisation from the Ground Up

Stanford Swinton, VP Global Customer Care and Experience, Deliveroo (UK)


The events of 2020 accelerated trends in customer expectations that have permanently raised the bar on how companies must engage with and care for their customers. The ability for companies to respond to these changing expectations will either contribute to or erode significant company value in customer sentiment, loyalty and brand equity.

In this session, we’ll hear from Stanford Swinton, the VP Global Customer Experience and Care at Deliveroo, as he shares why customer care matters for Deliveroo, how Deliveroo is responding to changing customer expectations in the current environment, what it takes to build and accelerate a world class customer service culture, and how Deliveroo is putting customers’ needs and expectations at the centre of customer care to deliver real and tangible results.


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Sonny Sethi
Harnessing Behavioural Economics to Truly Understand Your Customers

Sonny Sethi, Global Insights Director, Zip Co.

Zip Co

In order to truly understand our customers, their decision-making and how they interact with us, we need to understand their inherent biases and the emotions at play. Behavioural Economics, examining the economic, cultural, psychological and cognitive factors in decision making, is one such way to help identify these behaviours, and adapt based on our customers’ emotional demands and needs.

In this session, we’ll explore how the theory and practice of Behavioural Economics can be integrated into our existing research and insights strategy to deepen our understanding of our customers, and how we can drive the use of Behavioural Economics to pivot and adapt as a business.


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Panel: How Has COVID-19 Challenged Us to Rethink How We Deliver, Share and Collaborate on Customer Insights?

Moderated by: Alice Almeida, Founder, Almeida Insights
Deb Heaphy, GM Customer Advocacy and Research,
Kate Gray, Head of Customer Behaviour, Coles
Jessica Dawson, Associate Director, Customer Sentiment and Insights, Optus

Alice AlmeidaDeb HeapyKate GrayJessica Dawson

Customer experience is ordinarily a rapidly evolving discipline, but this has never been truer than in the last 12 months. With our world changing almost overnight, behaviours, attitudes and needs are continuing to evolve in line with the constant uncertainty and threat of disruption to our customers’ lifestyles, daily routines, and the way in which they engage with brands.

With so much changing so quickly, and in a time that’s as volatile as the one we find ourselves in now, what impact has this had on our ability to keep our finger on the pulse with regard to how our customers are feeling and behaving? What lessons have we learned from that volatility? How do we democratise customer insights across the business when the narrative is changing so frequently?

In this panel, customer insights leaders will come together to share and explore how COVID-19 has changed the way they deliver, share and collaborate on customer insights across the business, and the key lessons learnt from the last 12 months that they’ll take with them as we navigate the road to recovery.


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Adam Innocenzi
Customer Insights: Navigating Cost and Time Pressures

Adam Innocenzi, Customer Insights and Initiatives Manager, Dexus


The past 12 months have been tough for many businesses; budgets have been slashed or are being heavily scrutinised, and many have had to strip back to default core operations. But the role of customer insights and research are pivotal in setting us up for success as we build our way out of the pandemic and resulting recession.

So, as an insights team operating in this difficult business climate, how can we continue to stake our claim as a core function in the business, and handle the increasing cost and time pressures in order to continue to deliver effectively and add value to the business? And how can we continue to demonstrate the ROI of customer research?


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Hayley Ward
International Keynote: The Digital Transformation of CX at M&S – Creating a Relevant M&S Experience for 30 Million Customers

Hayley Ward, Director of CX, Digital and Data, Marks and Spencer (UK)

Marks & Spencer

Is it possible to create a relevant and personalised experience for each of your 30 million customers? Marks and Spencer think so!

In this international keynote, Hayley Ward, Head of CX, Digital and Data at Marks and Spencer, a loved UK heritage brand, will share their journey as they strive to become a global, digitally and data-enabled business. By better harnessing and utilising the data they have, they’re working to better support how their customers want to shop and engage with them, creating a more relevant and personalised experience for each customer.

We’ll explore investment in capability, a new CX measurement framework, culture change to be outcome focused and the critical role the Sparks Loyalty programme plays to make M&S more relevant, more often – across Fashion, Homeware and Food.


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Think Tank: Mastering the Art of Storytelling

Ayelet Mendel Girin, Group Head of Customer Experience, Humm Group

In order to ensure the wider business is able to apply the insights from the work we do to understand the attitudes, behaviours and motivations of our customers, we need to convey those insights in a way that is easy to understand and apply. And graphs, charts and powerpoints don’t always cut it.

In this Think Tank, we’ll discuss how we as insights leaders can better harness and leverage the art of storytelling to create a customer narrative that can be adopted by the whole organisation.

Simon Stevens
Think Tank: Getting the Balance Right Between Speed and Robustness

Simon Stevens, Head of Research, Foxtel


With research timeframes getting shorter and shorter, coupled with the additional stresses of tightened budgets, customer insights teams are under pressure. But, how do we respond faster while still getting the balance right between speed and robustness?

In this discussion-led Think Tank, we’ll explore that balance in more detail, how to know when to favour one over the other, and examining how much the decision is worth.


Becoming a Change-Maker in the Business

After the last 12 months and with the need to adapt almost overnight, we’ve all become accustomed to change. Change is imperative for us as businesses as we transform in line with the evolving needs, behaviours and expectations of our customers. But what role does customer insights play in this, and how can we elevate the impact and influence of an insights team to become a proactive change-maker within our organisation? 


Benjamin Warren
Demystifying AI and Automation: Applications for Customer Insight

Benjamin Warren, GM Empowered Intelligence, HESTA


There’s no doubt that AI and automation are buzzwords plaguing almost every industry, but what real effect will they have on customer insights and research? This session will explore how the development of artificial intelligence and automation technology will influence the evolution of customer insights, such as enabling us to become more predictive rather than reactive in our approach and by facilitating decision making across the business, as well as exploring how these technologies will be integrated into research techniques.


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