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CX Leader of the year

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Emma Harrington, Chief Customer Officer, The NRMA

Emma Harrington has been a key driver for a change in how NRMA values and approaches customer experience strategically, culturally and in their day-to-day operations. She has brought the voice of the customer into the Boardroom and connected leaders with frontline employees to collaborate to solve customer pain points.

The judges noted this person’s leadership in providing their people with a guide to transform the experience, while influencing KPIs to include CX and ensuring the customer had a voice at the table at all levels of the organisation, including the board and exec to hold the organisation to account. The Immersion program of ensuring leaders spent time on the frontline further demonstrates this leader’s passion and commitment to CX and EX.

Best Multichannel Customer Experience

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Cue Clothing Co.

Cue Clothing Co. has shifted from traditional bricks-and-mortar retail to a unified commerce strategy that integrates its online and physical channels to give customers personalised and frictionless experiences across three brands, eight online stores, 240+ physical stores, concessions, shoppable screens and a customer care team.

The judges said this entry demonstrated a very customer centric approach, helping both the business and customer achieve significant changes, and supporting the transformation of a category that has been under threat. It shows a bravery to push the limits of customer behaviour. Amazing results from a business that has reinvented its strategy in a tough market.

Best Use of technology to revolutionise CX

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Regardless of age or physical challenges, Feros believes everyone can continue to live a fulfilling life. We call it growing bold and we’re dedicated to supporting Australians to live their best life. We’re passionate about technology that transforms lives and this year’s voice activated MyFeros portal is doing just that.

The judges said this entry was a truly inspiration case study of how technology can use to make life changing experiences – allowing customers to take back control of their lives. It’s a leading example of integrating channels, the value of voice interface and the holy grail of a single customer view, with the power to change the everyday lives of some customers. This entry has truly set the benchmark for demonstrating the ‘magic’ of the technology through video customer case studies. The team the winning company should be extremely proud!

Best CX Transformation



EML leads the personal injury claims management industry, clearly differentiating against competitors through our customer-obsession. We’ve relentlessly invested to enhance our capabilities to bring customer and employee feedback deep within the organisation, making the intangible visible to our leaders, and enhancing our ability to action feedback in a timely manner.

The judges said this entry demonstrated improvement with a clear goal in sight over the transformation period, particularly in building CX capability and a customer centric culture

Excellence in Public Sector: The Citizen Experience

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Auckland Transport

Applying design thinking and lean approaches, we have made a difference in the lives of Aucklanders. Developing GIS mapping tools has resulted in reduced waste internally and a better customer experience. Smart use of data and leveraging the AT Mobile app has reduced customer effort for thousands of Auckland students.

Judges said this entry was a great example of technology, meets needs, meets design, meets customer focus. It demonstrated great problem framing, clearly articulating benefits and robust solutions. A great example of the practice and theory of CX.

CX Team of the year

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The outcomes of NRMA’s customer focused efforts are demonstrated by a clear reduction in customer complaints and an increase in NPS.

Judges said that this team demonstrated fantastic teamwork, setting up the right infrastructure to enable teamwork, and demonstrating a clear framework laddering up to moments that matter, listening to everyone in the business, and most importantly, getting the entire business excited and focused on CX, from the CEO to the heads of divisions and individual workers. Excellent stuff!

Best CX Initiative

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Hollard Insurance

Hollard has been empowering their frontline teams to exercise good judgment and create better customer outcomes. This recent initiative includes allowing employees to offer access to counselling services to customers in need and provide discretionary out-of-policy support up to $1000 per claim.

The judges said that this company has not just told everyone they care – they have shown that they care by creating customer experiences that actually go over and above. A simple but powerful initiative to help those in moments that matter.

Best Employee Experience


Revenue NSW

Suicide doesn’t discriminate. Our people are ready to make a change and help make suicide a thing of the past. Suicide awareness is now part of our workplace culture. The Revenue NSW Collection Centre teams are trained, supported and ready to respond.

The judges said it takes guts to acknowledge an organisation’s relationship to customer wellbeing and to commit to training on difficult and sensitive subject matters. It’s noteworthy that this training has also better equipped the staff in relationships outside of work – the testimonial describes an example of saving a life in the course of providing customer service and is incredibly moving.

Best Use of Customer Data and Insights to Improve CX

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Commonwealth Bank

CommBank rolls out Customer Engagement Engine (CEE) to better leverage data and artificial intelligence to improve customer experience. Underpinned by Pega, the CEE has revolutionised the work of frontline staff through fast and actionable customer insights.

The judges said the winning entry showcased cutting edge data analytics at extraordinary scale, translating into prescriptive and predictive customer interactions. A nice example of using scale to harness the power of next best conversations.

Best CX Partner



MaritzCX partner with many of Australia & New Zealand’s largest enterprise clients to enable them to transform their customer experiences and increase staff & partner engagement.

The judges were impressed with this company’s innovative approach to understand customer emotion through journey-led analytics (using NLP and AI), and also their tools to create the CX business case across cost and revenue growth drivers.

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