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Best Use of Technology to Revolutionise CX

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Winner: National Breast Cancer Foundation
Submission title: Developing relational capital through enhanced CX via the SMS channel to create 1:1 relationships on scale and boost fundraising
Submission summary: Harnessing the phenomenal power of AI and the unparalleled attention available through the SMS channel to create an empathetic CX, designed to develop 1:1 relationships on scale, and fuel fundraising dollars.

Best Use of Customer Data and Insights to Improve CX

Winner CX Awards
Winner: Hyundai
Submission title: Hyundai: Using consumer data to accelerate CX
Submission summary: Hyundai accelerates up the customer service excellence charts after overhauling its customer experience approach and intelligence

Best CX Partner (Technology or Advisory)

Winner CX Awards
Winner: RUSH
Submission summary: RUSH and Z Energy are driving long-term customer loyalty through innovative CX. We work hand in hand with both the Z innovation team and the product owners to create new experiments. We learn together to create more productive and impactful outcomes.

Best CX Transformation, sponsored by The CX Collective

Winner CX Awards
Winner: Medibank
Submission title: Medibank: Transforming customer experience to achieve highest market share growth in 10 years, largest share turn-around in PHI history and highest brand NPS
Submission summary: Medibank were trailing in their industry sector when it came to CX according to multiple metrics. Medibank embarked ambitious transformation of its entire CX program in order to change its customer game. The multi-faceted program resulted in Medibank brand achieving its highest-ever strategic NPS score and significantly improving operational metrics.

Best Multichannel Customer Experience

Winner CX Awards
Winner: Transport for NSW
Submission title: Customer Channels Transformation and Digital Assistants
Submission summary: Transport for NSW uplifted both transport-owned channels and 3rd party app developers to provide increased channels of choice for customers underpinned by a ‘single source of truth’, as well as launching a digital assistant to deliver personalised self-service in Web, Facebook, Twitter, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa channels.

CX Leader of the Year, sponsored by Zendesk

Winner CX Awards
Winner: Scott Downing, Chief Customer Officer, Rockend
– Submission summary: Scott Downing is a change agent and inspirational leader at Rockend, and a recognised speaker in the real estate and CX industries. He developed and implemented Rockend’s entire CX strategy, and after a short 20 months in role has implemented a culture of customer advocacy, and delivered substantial operational improvements.

Best Employee Experience Initiative, sponsored by Yell Creative

Winner CX Awards
Winner: Suncorp
– Submission title: Elevate the Customer
– Submission summary: Suncorp’s Elevate the Customer strategy empowers and enables employees to put the customer at the centre of their work. Their focus of ‘living it not laminating it’ has ensured the program’s impressive suite of tools and initiatives were brought to life and embedded in both customer and employee journeys.

Excellence in Public Sector: The Citizen Experience, sponsored by EY

Winner CX Awards
Winner: Transport for NSW
– Submission title: Transport Park&Ride Car Parks
– Submission Summary: Transport Park&Ride is a first of its kind experience for public transport customers. It helps to free up more car parking spaces by identifying a completed public transport trip on an Opal card, granting free parking while non-public transport users are charged.

CX Initiative of the Year

Winner CX Awards
Winner: Nib Health Insurance
– Submission title: Empowering our members at nib
– Submission summary: Our members were unaware variation existed in quality and cost from medical specialists when going to hospital. They simply trusted their GP and the specialist they were referred to. This project shone a light on this missing information to empower our members to make more informed decisions about their healthcare.

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