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2023 Winners

CX Awards winners

Best Use of Technology to Revolutionise CX

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MOCA: Adaptive Online Chat Assistant

From a single process stand up, to supporting multiple channels across ~500 points of presence and housing over 1200 conversational elements, we are leveraging the technological capability and conversational power of AI to support self-service and digital resolution with our Virtual Agent MOCA.

Best CX Transformation

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Contact Energy New Zealand

End to End Customer Journeys
Best CX Transformation winner

Over the last three years Contact Energy has transformed their Retail business by placing customers at the heart of every decision to deliver outstanding customer experiences alongside measurable business outcomes.

Best Use of Customer Data and Insights to Improve CX

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Using data to help prevent vulnerable customers from being scammed
Customer Data winner

Using data to identify customers vulnerable to scams to present right messages at the right time helped prevent lot of heartache for these customers from loss to scams.

Best CX Partner (Technology or Advisory)

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Best CX Partner: InMoment’s Integrated Approach to Transforming Experiences and Driving ROI
CX Partner winner

The InMoment approach culminates into a hyper-modern formula of Advanced AI™ capabilities and Strategic Insights Services that help organisations move beyond traditional surveys, unlocking the true meaning behind customer feedback, anticipating their customers’ next move and prioritising actions through predictive capabilities.

CX Team of the year

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New Zealand Post

A Passionate CX Team at New Zealand Post

“The NZ Post CX & Insights Team has implemented a CX framework to better identify customer needs and get meaningful & actionable insights. The team has been instrumental in driving various range of initiatives to drive not only CX excellence and innovation, but also the overall brand reputation.

Best CX Initiative

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Officeworks ‘I’m On My Way’
Best CX Initiative winner

Officeworks’ ‘I’m On My Way’ initiative was a data-driven project, designed to make Click & Collect customer experiences more convenient. In a cross-functional collaboration spanning five departments, the team created a purpose-built solution that delivered a reduction in Click & Collect wait times and a measurable increase in customer satisfaction.

CX Rising Star of the Year



Mason Conway – Kmart’s rising star!
CX Rising Star of the Year winner

Mason has been instrumental in elevating Customer Experience at Kmart. His passion for enhancing Customer Experience using automation, has meant that his role has evolved beyond his “job description”, relentlessly pursuing possibilities and implementing solutions which have made him an expert in the organisation on automation and AI.

Best Inclusive Customer Experience


Australian Ethical

Ethics in action: Australian Ethical’s commitment to supporting vulnerable Members
Best Inclusive Customer Experience winner

Australian Ethical super lives by its values and puts customers at the forefront of their engagement. After a member’s traumatic experience, AE showcased its commitment to inclusivity and created a new process, empowering internal teams to deliver a tailored and positive experience for vulnerable members.

CX Leader of the Year


Damian Madden

Director of Consumer Experience and Digital Transformation, Pernod Ricard Winemakers

Putting the consumer experience at the centre of everything Pernod Ricard Winemakers does
CX Leader winner

Damian has been responsible for putting the consumer experience at the centre of everything Pernod Ricard Winemakers does, helping to change the way wine is thought about today and into the future. In addition, Damian devotes countless time to support emerging CX professionals and helping NFPs integrate CX into their strategies.

Excellence in Customer Service: Elevating Customer Care



Optus Wholesale – Elevating Customer Care
Excellence in Customer Service winner

Optus provides a world class service, beyond what our customers expect.
Models executed to develop a value-add support group who provides quality responses and holds themselves accountability. We represent the customer and set team goals which everyone contributes to such as resolution success, resolution timeframe, on time delivery etc.

Best Employee Experience Initiative



Walking in the shoes of our Customers
Best Employee Experience Initiative winner

Kmart’s new customer immersion program allows head office team members to gain firsthand customer insights, improve the customer experience and drive customer-led decisions. Through cross-functional collaboration and an experiential approach, it stands out as an innovative and highly immersive CX initiative, fostering continuous improvement and collaboration.

Excellence in Public Sector: The Citizen Experience


City of Sydney

Excellence in Public Sector: The Citizen Experience winner

The City made a commitment to put the community at the centre of each design consideration. Reiterative consultation with the community and a collaborative vendor partnership has allowed the City to deliver a simple, easy to use, solution that connects people to the information they seek. CAMPAS was created.

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