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Sydney Events 2019

May 7

Building the case for change. How CX leaders get organisational buy-in for CX initiatives.

In a world of competing ideas, agendas and priorities sometimes it can be challenging to get your case for a CX initiative over the line.

The skills needed to capture the commercial and customer benefits of initiatives and to influence and engage our peers in supporting our vision are essential for high-performing CX professionals.

This CX Collective session focuses on developing those skills:

– Kicking off with a panel discussion where we talk to CX leaders about how they got buy-in for CX initiatives, their challenges, success stories and big learnings.
– Breakout session: We’ll then apply our learnings, giving you and your peers the opportunity to test your pitching skills on a real-life member problem.
– Learn how to influence, engage and gain support from your stakeholders.


The Cornerstone of CX: Evaluating and Enhancing your Employee Experience

There is no doubt that the employee experience continues to become an increasingly important part of any robust CX strategy. This CX Collective event will delve into this inextricable link between EX and CX, exploring the key business touchpoints that impact the employee experience, how to align your EX and CX with the footprint of your brand in terms of values and structure, and how to implement an EX strategy that works for your business and helps to drive an exceptional customer experience.


Navigating the Vendor Selection Process – A Critical Component of Any Successful CX Strategy

This session will explore a critical component of any successful CX strategy: The vendor selection process. The event will explore the key things to consider and the crucial questions to ask when selecting and appointing the vendors to help elevate your CX strategies, as well as how we can best work with our vendors and suppliers to create effective working relationships.


How Do You Measure CX Success?

Customer experience is now important as important to business success as product or price, but how do we truly measure our CX successes and the impact our CX initiatives are having on the business, the customer and the employee? In this session we’ll explore CX measurement as a core pillar of every CX strategy, how we should best implement a framework that aligns with our business goals and KPIs, and how we can track ROI.

Melbourne Events 2019

Jun 13

Jaquie Scammel
Deep Dive into the Human Side of Business; the Business of Service

Jaquie Scammell, leading CX Author and Mentor

This exclusive CX Collective event takes a deep dive into what human qualities need to be taught to create an emotional connection with customers.

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CX in an Era of Fickle Loyalty

Gone are the days when you stay with an energy provider or bank for life; loyalty now is much more fickle. In the age of digital, consumers can chop and change the brands and businesses they interact much more easily than ever before, meaning CX is only going to become more important. So, how can we create exceptional customer experiences that drive a sense of loyalty among our customers? This CX Collective event will examine the state of loyalty in today’s consumer world, and what we can be doing to build experiences that keep our customers coming back again and again.


Delivering Data-Driven CX: How Do We Use our Data Most Effectively?

Most of our businesses are inundated with the amount of data we have about our customers and how they interact with us. But, how do we use that data most effectively to evolve our CX? This CX Collective event will delve into the relationship between all things data and customer experience, from building a business case around data, what to do with it when you have it, how to use it to drive more personalised experiences.

National Events 2019

Oct 17

Customer 360 Forum

Sydney CBD | View details

Organisations have always been focused on their customers. However customers no longer behave in the same ways they used to. The explosion of digital channels has dramatically changed how brands Reach, Engage and Delight their communities. Customer Experience is the new battleground as brands strive to differentiate themselves from their competitors, create loyalty and ultimately increase profits.

Customers now dictate which channels they engage through, so it’s paramount that organisations respond swiftly and appropriately. Utilising customer analytics and cross-channel marketing to speak with one voice (whether online, in store or via a contact centre) whilst delivering an exceptional customer experience is at the top of the corporate agenda for forward-thinking organisations.

Organisations must do all they can to stay ahead of the game, so following on from the success of our Customer 360 Symposium we’ve created the Customer 360 Forum; a unique learning and networking opportunity for Australia’s most influential Customer Experience and Marketing executives.