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Leveraging Self-Service Analytics To Improve Marketing Performance And Innovation

Gone are the days of acting on gut instinct alone. Data-driven marketing is here, and the more data you have—the better, so much so that marketing is increasingly being seen as the natural leader of big data efforts.

But how effective is your team in their use of data to drive value for customers? Are you delivering insights with speed and agility, and faster than the pace of your business?  Is your analytics self-reliant and flexible enough to allow anyone to ask and answer deeper questions?  We will examine the common challenges and opportunities associated with enabling a high-performance marketing analytics organization, along with:

  •        Common analytics use cases across the funnel, and how equipped current tools are to realize them (Email, CRM, Website, Social Media, Geographical buying behavior etc.)
  •       Battling with IT: What roles marketing and IT should take to drive agility within the organization
  •       Driving adoption: Best practices to engage with the business, achieve measureable outcomes and drive action

Mac Bryla, Senior Sales Consultant, Tableau Software