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Unlocking the power of the data to connect the world to opportunity– LinkedIn’s Economic Graph

The intelligent use of data as demonstrated by governments is allowing them to utilize all forms of information to inform policy decision making. It can also provide lessons for the private sector. The message for those looking to place data at the heart of their organisation is the importance of constantly innovating using new tools to drive change and to deliver the greatest impact.  It is also true that the “intelligent” use of data is not always straightforward or easy. It can require structural change, a shift in mindset, policies and personnel, but when embraced it has the ability to transform and redefine what was once possible.

Join Nicole Isaac as she talks about her journey from the White House to LinkedIn. You will hear examples of the use of LinkedIn’s Economic Graph data to assist cities around the world with workforce development. This will include an overview of the TechHire initiative (a partnership of 31 cities with the White House) and ongoing Economic Graph projects in Manchester, Toronto, Singapore and the yet untapped potential for use of the Economic Graph’s data for Australia.

Nicole Isaac, Head of Economic Graph Policy Partnerships, LinkedIn (US)
Former Advisor to US President Barack Obama