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Untangle the Complex Customer Journey How To Leverage The Power Of An Audience-First Strategy

As organisations and their customers move beyond traditional channels of engagement, new challenges are arising.

Brands need to learn how to initiate meaningful conversations with consumers—tailored communication that caters to unique interests and behaviors. With an increasing number of brands realising the relevance of data-driven marketing, new tools and skills are becoming a necessity to deliver brand consistency and results. But questions remain: Now that marketers are supported by data, how are they getting better at building customer loyalty and driving sales?

Do data-driven marketers have an advantage over traditional ones? Has access to more insights and information created more opportunities or complexities? Are brands equipped with the right tools to address these new challenges? This presentation will answer these questions and explore how marketers are both leveraging data for customer-centric marketing activities and addressing the impact of this new paradigm on business processes and marketing strategy.

Cindy Deng, Managing Director Asia-Pacific, Turn