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A Practical Approach To Delivering Compelling Digital Experiences

Marketers are confronted by a bewildering amount of Marketing Technology tools. At last count (Martech 5000, May ‘17) this stood at 5,381 solutions provided by 4,891 companies. A staggering growth of 40% on the previous year. On average companies are using 14 different technologies to do their marketing. This often leads to sub-optimal internal procedures, data silos and a missed opportunity to fully leverage the features of the tools that have already been purchased.

Identifying the barriers to success and building a repeatable framework for delivering compelling online experiences will help you to meet your customer’s expectations and provide measurable business benefits.

Attend this session so you can:

  • Understand the Martech landscape
  • Build knowledge of the Sitecore XP and what it is capable of
  • Gain insights from real-world examples of Sitecore in action
  • Create a practical takeaway checklist on how to get started that you can share with your team


Matt Tilbury, Partner, Director and Digital Experience Consultant, Codehouse