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Jonathan Wan
International Keynote: Navigating Long-term Marketing Growth: Putting Martech on the Map

Japan Airlines

The travel and aviation industry is one that has been severely impacted by the pandemic, and as a result, businesses in this sector are undoubtedly feeling the effects of tightened budgets, which makes it even more difficult to sell in the investment that comes with the adoption of martech.

In this International Keynote, we’ll hear from Jonathan Wan, Director of Global Marketing at Japan Airlines, as he shares how JAL secured the buy-in from management to investment in martech during a pandemic, and why that investment has proven to be so important in working toward their long-term marketing growth and digital transformation as they navigate the road to recovery.


Partner Keynote: Engaging With Your Customers in a Privacy-First Future

Barney PierceMonisha Varadan
GMP logo

If the marketing goals of yesterday were focused on maximising efficiency and effectiveness, the marketing goals of tomorrow will be about (re)building the relationships of trust to maintain those.


Australian Tech Sector Update and Why MarTech Should Care


How is the Australian tech sector faring and why is this important to those that work in marketing?

Join Kennedy, who has worked in financial markets for more than a decade – with seven years at Morgan Stanley covering the sectors of telco, media, tech and gaming, before she joined investment bank, Jarden – as she discusses the performance of the tech sector during the turbulent pandemic times.

As well as highlighting what opportunities lie ahead, she’ll share just why and how this could impact those working in martech.

The Change is Now – A Look Inside Tourism Australia’s Digital Transformation

Tourism Australia

From data and technology management to dotted line shakeups and major cross-department operational changes, Australian Government organisation Tourism Australia (TA) has been on its own unique digital transformation journey.

In this session we’ll hear what the future of customer data looks like for TA in a post-cookie world, why the tech team now sits in the marketing team, why this matters and how that unfolded internally.

In this fireside chat we’ll also hear insights around people training, newfound and essential steering groups, tech stacks, what partners and agencies TA works with, as well as fresh out of beta platform revelations.


Coffee Break & Networking

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Track 1
Partner Breakout: Show Don’t Tell: The Future of Immersive Marketing


Consumers are researching even the smallest of purchases, becoming more careful and discerning than ever before. It’s no longer enough to tell them that your product or services are the best, they want to see and experience it for themselves. But how do you achieve this in today’s digital-first world?

Immersive experiences are fast evolving and are becoming a staple in the Omnichannel marketing toolkit. Not only are they memorable and brand-building, but they’re also achieving tangible, trackable sales results for brands. Join Dan Richardson, Head of Data at Yahoo (ANZ) along with Julia Edwards, Head of Strategic Solutions at Yahoo Creative Studios as they share how you can leverage the latest tech that’s revolutionising the future of immersive marketing to engage consumers in the products and brands they love.

Track 2
Partner Breakout: How Brands Can Build Sustainable Lifelong Connections Through Data Powered Partnerships

Gumtree Media
Shannon FitzpatrickTimothy LloydLupe Prada

The online ‘circular marketplace’ boom has changed the way we shop – forever. The Circular Economy has exploded, and brands must now meet customers where they are, taking advantage of the local and tech-driven opportunities they present. Join us as we uncover Gumtree’s latest network research revealing The Changing Face of Consumerism, and find out how your brand can partner with like-minded sustainable platforms like Gumtree, to build sustainable lifelong connections through data powered partnerships.

Dylan Robinson

Track 3
Partner Breakout: The Advertising Landscape is like Squid Game: Diversify to Survive (and Thrive!)


The Squid Game challenges require a diverse combination of knowledge, cunning, and skill, not that different from the competitive landscape of advertising.

The #1 show on Netflix globally features 456 debt-ridden players who have signed up to compete in children’s games for a mega-million cash prize, but at a cost. What sets the winners apart from the losers? That boils down to strategy, namely, using diversification to one’s advantage.

During our session, we’ll draw parallels from the games played in the Squid Game world to the world of advertising. We’ll look at what it means to diversify your advertising strategy and how essential that is for “winning” also known as running a successful advertising campaign. Together, we go through the toolkit your brand will need to survive and thrive in advertising’s oversaturated environment. The rules of the games involve walled gardens vs. the open web, depreciation of third-party cookies, and limited targeting capabilities. We’ll share how to combat these changes and set your campaigns up to take the world of Advertising.


Track 1
Panel: Publisher MarTech Moves

Domain, Network 10, BCG, Guardian Australia

How is martech changing the face of publishing and what parts of the tech stack are businesses leaning in to and for what reasons? We’ll hear how publishers are flexing their martech muscle to drive users, revenue and more – as well as what needs to be done now to future-proof the business.

Track 2
Fireside chat: A Look Inside Booktopia’s Martech Chapter

Booktopia, Jarden

Hot on heels of its recent marketing restructure, we’ll sit down for a fireside chat with the Australian online book giant Booktopia’s chief marketing officer, Steffen Daleng. The top marketer will share detail on its martech endeavours, its priorities, and what steps it’s taking to futureproof more than just pages.

As well as highlighting how the business was impacted during the pandemic and what martech levers it pulled to keep ahead of the challenging environment, Daleng will reveal key learnings, pitfalls in the martech journey and more.


Track 1
Partner Breakout: The Road Ahead: Finding Success With First-Party Data and In-Housing Strategies

Quantcast, OFX, Streamotion

2021 has been another year of rapid change for brands. The digital landscape is undergoing an upheaval, third-party cookies are going away, and consumer needs are evolving. As the year draws to a close, what lessons can we take from marketers who are embracing these changes and forging ahead to stay on top of the competition?

Join Quantcast, OFX and Streamotion, as they share their learnings from navigating two of the biggest trends that have impacted their customer strategies the most this year. Panelists will discuss their journeys to preparing for the cookieless world with first-party data strategies, and navigating full and hybrid in-housing models with their marketing.

Track 2
Partner Breakout: A Three-Pronged Transformation Strategy: How Arnott’s, Australia’s Oldest FMCG Brand, is


Sean McLintock, Arnott’s Director of Data & Analytics, has established the D&A foundations which will allow The Arnott’s Group to deliver against its ambitious growth strategy of becoming a regional powerhouse of consumer food brands. From being able to validate new product flavours & trends to identifying and addressing potential crises or dramatically increasing content velocity, The Group has already enjoyed some quick wins leveraging the previously untapped ocean of unstructured data. Full speed ahead, Sean and his team are working with the business to deliver a three-pronged DNA strategy that will; drive digitization, enable data partnerships, and build an analytical mindset – transforming how this 155-year old iconic company operates.

Join this exclusive fireside chat, a debut of sorts, for a conversation that is equal parts insightful and inspiring about The Arnott’s Group’s journey, re-imagining its customer experience legacy in the digital world.

Antony Wilcox
Track 3
Partner Breakout: Connecting Everything to App – How to Connect & Measure Your Owned Media Assets to Drive App Growth & Retention in the World of Privacy


Join AppsFlyer as we deep dive into the latest mobile ecosystem changes uncover the latest strategies to maximise growth in times of consistent measurement challenges. We’ll show you how to:

1. Maximise your owned assets like email, text, referral & social media (Onelink)
2. Attribute across all media sources such as digital & outdoor in a privacy-compliant matter
3. Leverage the latest iOS14-ready solutions & be prepared for our new iOS15 solution


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Fireside chat: The Balance and Science behind Marley Spoon’s Martech Moves

Marley Spoon

Join the CEO and CMO of meal kit delivery provider Marley Spoon in this fireside chat to hear both perspectives on the role, challenges and growth of its martech tech operation. With the heart of the booming business based in Berlin, we’ll learn about global complexities, local nuances and just how the senior executives keep aligned and up to date with the ever-changing ecosystem.

We’ll hear how its martech business model works, what the decision-making framework looks like and question with tech levers pulled on the central trade desk in Germany, what autonomy the team has on the ground.

From initial aesthetics of a skinny tech stack to getting under the hood and making smarter and cost-efficient calls, to impacts of strict governance, ongoing integration challenges, the role of dynamic creative and holding onto its own data and IP by conducting all biddable media in house, the self-professed “captains of in-sourcing” share all.


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Enjoy 9 holes of golf and plenty of conversation on the beautiful Crowne Plaza golf course.


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Gabbi Stubbs
Partner Keynote: Embark on the Journey Towards a Cookieless Future


Understand what it will take to build trust with consumers and embrace creativity without cookies. Join us as we look to the future of the industry – and embark on a data revolution, to redefine the modern relationship between customer and brand – one built on trust and respect.


Jing Yi Ju

International Keynote: Why PGA Tour Bets on the In-House Game

Jing Yi Ju, Senior Manager, Programmatic & Audience Operations, PGA Tour (US)

PGA Tour

From making the most of its bedded-in tech stack to multiple DSP dipping, planning for a first-party data reliant future and grappling with privacy regulations and policies, running the in-house game at the world’s premier membership organisation for touring professional golfers involves working across many challenging terrains.

Join former Mediavest and R/GA exec Jing Yi Ju as she takes us through her journey at the Florida-headquartered business. From steadily increasing the amount it does in-house across multiple channels to how its efforts changed during the pandemic, the martech pro, who is responsible for the setup and optimisation of PGA’s SSPs, DSPs and DMP, all data audience data products and programmatic media planning and buying, will explain the makeup, reasons and learnings behind its tech stack moves.


Track 1
Partner breakout: Data Collection, Disclosure and Usage Strategies That Will Make or Break Your Martech Strategy

Civic Data, Carsales

Chris BrinkworthJason FonsecaStephen Kyefulumya

Sell-sheets and marketing material aside, this session is for those who want best practice advice not attached to an annual license. You will leave this session with immediately actionable advice from Civic Data’s practitioner-founders Jason Fonseca and Chris Brinkworth, based on their real world experience across 3 core questions:

1) I’ve spent money on a CDP, now what?
2) How can I use Clean Rooms to de-identify customer data and share it in new ways with distributed data partners such as SnowFlake, Amazon, Google, Facebook and (just as importantly) my product and agency partners?
3) From a Privacy and Consent perspective, how can I ensure data that I’m collecting ‘tomorrow’, does not pollute data that I’ve collected today, should regulations suddenly change? (pro tip…there ARE going to be changes).

This is the session that your Media, Product & Analytics teams will hope that you attend, just as much as Civic Data hope you will.

Track 2
Partner breakout: Creating Confidence with Consumers

Amazon, Macquarie
Kelly WearmouthCraig Griffin

In today’s environment, it’s crucial to create meaningful connections with your consumers, where they are. They have more options than ever, so being thoughtfully present throughout the customer journey, has never been more important. Join this session to hear how Macquarie Bank and Amazon Ads has joined forces to create a consumer-obsessed marketing strategy, and how you can grow your business through:

-Identifying valuable audiences
-Telling your brand and consumer stories
-Using technology to activate at scale
-Working backwards, by using data, to set a consumer vision

Matthew McGinley
Track 3
Partner Breakout: Driving Addressability on Mobile in a Privacy-first World


From increasing consumer privacy preferences to constantly evolving industry bodies regulations, it’s becoming challenging to understand your audiences and effectively market your message to them. With restrictions over mobile identifiers, advertisers need a solution to bridge the identity gap in a highly fragmented ID ecosystem — while respecting privacy preferences and maintaining a good consumer experience. In this breakout session, we discuss how the ecosystem can address in-app identity resolution in, which is designed to simplify and streamline identity resolution for mobile app publishers and advertisers.


Coffee Break & Networking

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Kirsten Allegri Williams
International Keynote: Merging MarTech – Creating the Right Marketing Technology Stack for Growth


In November 2020, the Episerver and Optimizely products, teams and customers came together – creating the leading digital experience platform. With over 9,000 global customers across all sectors, the opportunity for growth is exceptional. As business leaders look to unlock, analyse and act on their data, Optimizely stands as a key leader in successful digital transformation.

In this International Keynote, Optimizely’s Chief Marketing Officer Kirsten Allegri Williams discusses her journey for the last 12 months, bringing people, processes and technology together to deliver a marketing organisation that is optimised for growth. Kirsten will share candid insights on her choices, why she made them, and her key learnings from the past year.

Kirsten will also dive into her expectations of MarTech in the future, exploring what digital agility will actually mean in a post-COVID world and how businesses can future-proof their transformations.


Priya Kanniappan

Track 1
Risks, Highs and the Martech Road Ahead


Never has the quest for the single customer profile and importance of owning and viewing your own customer data been so crucial.

As such, the rise and significance of responsibly storing, segmenting, and using consumer data has rocketed up the do list for brands and publishers alike.

Ahead of any big digital transformation, a lot must be done. From broaching the subject internally and getting sign off, to working out what part of the business should fund, own and run it – major operational, structural and people change shifts are involved.

In this session we’ll uncover the raw and real martech journey Carsales is on, the reasons behind its customer data platform development, challenges, risks, hopes, highs and more.

Rochelle RItchien

Track 2
Levelling Up – Life as Startup Exploring Martech

Play by Afterplay Travel

Being a startup is challenging at the best of times, let alone being a startup in the travel space.

In this session we’ll hear from Afterpay travel startup, Play Travel, about how its tech stack is fast developing.

With locations and customer needs constantly evolving, the focus on what works what doesn’t from a martech perspective and the level of risk and trial involved to find the best solution is no mean feat.

Join the instalment model-business to hear honest tales of highs, lows and inbetween.


The Evolution of Marketing: An interview with Carolyn Bendall

The Markitects, Swinburne
Murray HoweCarolyn Bendall

As Scott Brinker heralds the shift from Big Data to Big Ops and Gartner calls out the resurgence of Marketing Operations, Marketing leaders are starting to recognise that the real challenges to solve centre on operations; ways of working and mindset.

Carolyn Bendall is a marketing leader who has seen first-hand the evolution of marketing capability and operations through a career exposed to organisations at the forefront of change and marketing transformation. 

In this revealing interview with Murray Howe, Founder of The Markitects, Carolyn shares how her experience at ANZ helped prepare her for the opportunity lead at Swinburne University of Technology and in the process, transform marketing to become a strategic growth driver for the organisation in challenging times.

Greenshoot Marketers Explore Future of Martech

Johan MicheelsenEmily StewartMatt Zimmerman
ChefPrep, Canva, Menulog

The marketing sector has undergone a huge amount of transformation. From budgets being squeezed, media channels shaken and creative being stirred – as well as the rise of data and automation – there’s a lot to get a handle on.

As new roles splinter out from beneath the chief marketing officer, we look at where exactly martech sits in certain organisations, what specific roles are or should be leading the charge in driving it forward, and what lies ahead.


Panel: Here Are the Keys, Now Fly

Nicole McInnesSatya UpadhyayaLouise Cummins
WW, Citi, H&R block

A lot of effort goes into selling martech platforms, but as a client, once you’re locked in and ready to go, challenges can soon arise.

With the software not always human-ready when you start paying for it, marketers can be left feeling oversold, under-resourced and ill-equipped to run the platforms and tools.

Are marketers being thrown the keys to the plane too soon without enough flying lessons and are the consultancies plugging this gap eclipsing the cost of the platform itself?

This panel will discuss martech challenges, highlight what needs fixing and will explore the promise of what lies ahead.


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