Marketing Tech Symposium 2024


This carefully crafted program combines inspiring keynotes with informal activities and time to build real relationships.

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Nick B
Opening Comments

Nick Barnett, AI Practice Lead, Aware Super

aware super


Frans R
International Keynote: Rocking You To Your Core – Exploring Three Insights that Shake MarTech

Frans Riemersma, Founder, MartechTribe

Consolidation is not a strategy – MarTech growth outweighs MarTech consolidation. Composability is not a strategy – It’s the daily reality. It’s business as usual. Driving stack value is the strategy – One metric to see where to invest and where to divest.

The 2024 Marketing and Technology Supergraphic unveils a staggering 14,106 MarTech vendors, showcasing unprecedented growth and minimal consolidation. Our research debunks conventional wisdoms: consolidation isn’t imminent, but composability is the norm. In this opening keynote we’ll be exploring why composable MarTech stacks thrive due to better functionality, economics, experience, and governance. Moreover, driving stack value emerges as the ultimate strategy, correlating to MarTech maturity with company revenue-per-employee ratios. Frans will be unveiling how you can maximise your MarTech value across industries, urging thoughtful investment decisions.


Partner Keynote


Presentation: Putting the 10,000 Volt Cables Together – Sparking AI Integrated Data-Driven MarTech

Everyone wants to hear about how we practically and tangibly empower innovation with AI in MarTech, but how do we actually do it? In this session we’ll be looking to focus on a specific use-case of AI at scale, emphasising it’s role for driving efficiency and personalisation. We’ll touch base on the top 5 ways AI is going to enable your MarTech in applicable ways: measurement, econometrics, moving away from last touch attribution and finetuning chatbots to your data.

AI serves as an enable rather than a panacea, for applications such as streamlining workflows and enhancing customer experiences. With AI we can look to analyse large numbers of customers at scale to a level beyond what was previously not possible and here’s how we’re doing it!


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Panel: The Dualstack Vs the Monostack – The Path to Greatness and Which is Right for You?

Moderated By: Nick Barnett, AI Practice Lead, Aware Super
Jo Jones, Head of Digital Marketing, Tabcorp

Nick BJo J
Aware Super, Tabcorp

Let’s have a debate, let’s poke some bears. From real-time data sharing to aligning MarTech stacks with strategic visions, panellists will be discussing the merits of both approaches and offer perspectives on maximising efficiency, effectiveness, and innovation. We’ll pit arguments around the benefits and challenges of integrating diverse technologies from multiple vendors with key points around simplicity, integration, centralised support, and holistic insights. Key questions we’ll discuss are:

• If cost effectiveness is your top priority, is the Frankenstack always the right way to go?
• How good is it to effectively tailor your tech stack to specific needs and preferences in a way that always you to take advantage of a rapidly changing vendor landscape?
• Are the risk of integration challenges, complexity and management overhead and the risk of vendor dependencies going to destroy rather than enhance your operation efficiency?
• How do you approach this from a build/buy/partner perspective?
• Do you really get holistic insights, centralised support and accountability and integration simplicity with the monostack?


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Presentation: Cut Through the Hype: How Will the 2024 Privacy Regulations Impact You?!

Concerns about how companies use data has increased, and regulatory changes are going to have an impact on every single person in multiple ways. At the moment 6/10 people find personalised content in MarTech useful, in-spite of increasing privacy awareness and scepticism.

In this session we’ll be deep diving into what the upcoming privacy regulation changes mean for you, as we discuss proposed changes around personal information, de-identified info, APPs, exemptions, privacy policies and potential penalties.


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Partner Keynote

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International Keynote: Using AI and Machine Learning to Hyper-Personalise Your Data-Driven CX

AI and advances in MarTech have given us the ability to mine, analyse and evaluate large amounts of complex data, and, when used right, it can give you the ability to transform customer relationship building. In this case study you’ll hear how AI is being used to ensure that each of your customers receives personalised insights and recommendations resulting in previously unimaginable ROI and retention.

We’ll explore how a top organisation is about run machine learning models off of the rich data that you already have around customers to pinpoint when they’ll be entering the market that can lead to a 10x conversion rate increase. The key takeaway is remembering that the more you tighten your grip the more slips through your fingertips: customers are more responsive if they’re targeted really well when they need to be targeted. Utilising the AI and ML with your data properly you can enhance your customer relationships by putting less need on sending them more emails, and app alerts.

By having a full funnel marketing capability that’s run by AI and not humans is that it frees up your humans to do much more creative strategic work!


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Anna J

Think Tank 1: Putting Creativity in MarTech – How Do You Create Distinct Experiences for Your Customer and Build Your Brand?

Anna Jackson, Head of Creative Excellence, Telstra


In this think tank we’ll delve into the power of creativity in marketing tech to build brand awareness through distinct experiences for customers.

We need to more beyond the allure of quick wins towards long-term brand building.

Join your peers to discuss:

How do you optimise the usage of existing tools to foster alignment across different stakeholders?
Why you should always use creativity as a means and not an end, moving towards brand building?
Is creativity from an AI perspective a dead-end street?
What do you need to build a comprehensive approach to MarTech stack usage that emphasises data usage long-term brand enhancement?

Think Tank 2: Positioning MarTech in Your Business – How Do You Bring Your Business with You?

As the digital landscape evolves, the positioning of MarTech within business, the challenges of obtaining investment and driving measurable returns is never more important.

Budgets are tight, but MarTech $ are $ well spent, how do we make sure our folks know it:

Join your peers to discuss:

What are the building blocks of your business case amid economic headwinds and technological transformations?
How do you rationalise your MarTech investments and operationalise your solutions for optimal ROI?
What are the most effective approaches you’ve used to measure MarTech effectiveness and translate metrics into stories of success?

Think Tank 3: The Death of Cookies and Privacy – Will Google Ever Kill Them Off and Are You Ready?

The impending death of third-party cookies (though delayed again) is going to cause a seismic shift in the marketing technology landscape.

Managing for signal loss and measurement is no mean feat and we may need to look at alternative methods beyond relying on large databases of consumer data.

Join your peers to discuss:

What are the full portfolio of options open to digital marketers as third-party cookies depreciate?
How do you ensure that your privacy teams are enthusiastic rather than nervous about onboarding new tech partners?
Are you thinking about ID solutions, contextual targeting and seller defined audiences?

Think Tank 4: GenAI – What Do You Need to Consider for Real World Implementation?

GenAI is upending MarTech, and the MarTech ecosystem is expanding because of it, and there are lots of decisions for MarTech leaders to make, from pricing and usability to governance considerations.

Join your peers to discuss:

What impact has the rapid growth of the MarTech ecosystem and composability had on you for integrating solutions?
How can you foster a culture that prioritises curiosity and adaptability in your teams?
With the rise of intent-driven strategies and the impending demise of cookies, how are you adapting your approaches to leveraging data effectively while maintaining consumer privacy and trust?


Rachel C

Presentation: The Ferrari Conundrum – How Do You Bring Together the Talent and the Tech?

Rachel Crimmins, Group Marketing Manager, Customer Engagement, EBOS MedTech


In the fast-paced world of digital marketing and technology, organisations often face the Ferrari Conundrum: possessing advanced technological capabilities without fully leveraging them due to talent limitations. This session delves into insights drawn from industry experts grappling with this conundrum, exploring strategies to align talent and technology for maximum impact in MarTech.

Our final session will fortify you with some answers (hopefully!) on what methodologies and frameworks can help identify the specific skills and expertise required to leverage the technology, how to balance needing to hire for the immediate versus future-proofing skills development. We’ll touch on how to ensure there’s a talent pipeline that that has a culture of upskilling and development to meet the needs of evolving MarTech platforms and, finally what strategies orgs can employ to foster collaboration and cross-functional integration between marketing, digital, data and IT teams!


Presentation: Unleashing the Power of Your First-Party Data – Strategies and Insights for Success

In today’s marketing landscape, the importance of leveraging first-party data cannot be overstated. This session delves into the challenges and strategies faced by industry leaders in harnessing the power of first-party data to drive business growth and customer engagement.

The key areas of focus will be to highlight then need for customer-centric approach to MarTech integration that ensures your customer engagement channels have long term sustainability and build meaningful relationships. Of course this can’t be done without a focus on the evolving role of data in marketing, the convergence of first-party and third-party data and the challenges of attribution modelling in a cookie-less world.

Advocating for a shift towards macro-outcomes and consumer-centric approaches in MarTech strategy, we’ll never shy away from emphasising the importance of pulling back from siloed conversations to focus on broader marketing goals and consumer needs.


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