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We Came, We Saw, We Conquered: How to get ahead of the digital revolution using data

In recent years the Marketing department has been under siege by a digital revolution. Now, data is being generated at a pace exceeding Moore’s Law and to make matters worse its complexity is becoming even more amplified. In addition, consumers’ expectations of their interactions with businesses have completely changed — they expect personalised, one-to-one interactions across their multiple devices throughout their purchase journey. As enterprise-grade board members look to the Chief Marketing Officer, and their respective department, to make sense of this data problem before the competition does, the pressure is on. Learn more about the evolving MarTech landscape from Datorama Managing Director, Mick O’Brien, and how Kier Draven, a digital leader at Energy Australia, has gotten ahead of the digital revolution using data.

Mick O’Brien, Managing Director, Datorama

Kier Draven, Digital, Energy Australia