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Building The Business Case For Programmatic

Programmatic is the result of technology meeting the advertising industry’s relentless economic needs in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.

Greater efficiency via automation ensures that value is prioritised over process between supply and demand. Publishers can provide easier access to and transparency on any available media and/or audiences which, when efficiently executed, results in improved relevance for consumers and greater revenues for those willing to invest. Marketers can consolidate buying at scale against audiences as well as context, review resulting customer interactions across multiple channels and then leverage those insights to develop strategies as to how to best further engage with consumers.

Join both publishers and marketers on this table to understand;

  • What can publishers offer marketers via programmatic that is of incremental value, or is it simply media sold via a different channel?
  • How can businesses forecast revenues with any confidence in an environment in which guaranteed deals remain a rarity?
  • Are there examples of case studies that justify the levels of investment and effort often required in programmatic?
  • Is it sensible to decouple one’s audience data and media?
  • What does the next 18 months look like in terms of opportunities and challenges in our industry as a result of pace of evolution in this space?

Jonas Jaanimagi, Head of Media Operations & Strategy, REA Group
Braden Clarke, Head of Programmatic Solutions & Trading, REA Group