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Getting Truly Personal: A Woolworths Perspective on Personalisation, Programmatic and Beyond

As many as 74% of customers say they are frustrated by untargeted communications.

In contrast, there is a big opportunity for smart businesses who cut through the noise, making their customers’ lives easier. Research suggests 70% of Woolworths Rewards members say they welcome relevant offers and we expect that number to grow as customers experience our new world-class personalisation engine.

The engine looks at every price they purchased a product at and every price they chose not to, along with more than 100 independent variables. It allows Woolworths Rewards to tailor communications individually to every one of its 9.7 million members across 45,000 possible products. And it provides the foundation for a better and more connected customer experience across both direct communications and on-line media channels.

What’s the result? Happier customers that are more than five times as likely to action offers personalised for them and sent directly to the right channel, right device and at the right time.


Martyn Raab, Head of Rewards Media & Commercialisation, Woolworths Limited
Chris Levings, Head of 1:1 & Programmatic, Woolworths Limited